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The Story of Calc Bowl 2008


Calc Bowl 2008 went off with few hitches. There were 11 teams from the Denver metro area.

The Bowl consisted of 163 challenging calculus questions presented in quiz-show style to the students.

The Calc Bowl 2008 teams were:

From Central High School (APS)

     Central Gold: Mark-Anthony Kelly, Kevin Castillo, Lee Thurlow

     Central Green: Daniel Armijo, Joe Goyer, Isay Rapoport

From Eaglecrest High School (CCS)

     Raptors 1:  Jennifer Bollig, David Chemyak, Chelsea Corizzo, Matt Markovetz, Jordan Serbin

     Raptors 2:  Willis Chang, Chayce Duncan, Time Myers, Shuichi Ushijima, Xu Zhou

From Gateway High School (APS)

    Olympians:   Vincent Buchner, Bryan Grosbach, Isroel Mavashev, Sean McCasland

From Hinkley High School (APS)

    Disturbed Ones:   Freddy Mejia, Julio Montejano, Natalie Nicholls, Matt Scott, Casey Irvine

    Jabronies:  Micah Hazegh, Tony Mitchell, Alex Rabaa, Ian Talaber, Christina Walker

    Self Against City:  Pu'a Fifita, Nate Sspun, Sebastian Sapun, Khrysti Veals, Erin Weiman

From Rangeview High School (APS)

   Catch 3.14:   James Crux, HoanVu Nguyen, Noa Vo

   CJT:   Joshua Jefferson, Change Lee, Tian Zhou

   Pancake Wasteland:  Aaron Brunskill, Cayla Bushman, Aaron Landis, David Reid

All the teams put on a good performance and the playoff round scores were very close (the competition had to go into sudden death).
As in all competitions there were formally some winners:

1st Place:  Raptors 1 from Eaglecrest High School

2nd Place:  Raptors 2 from Eaglecrest High School

3rd Place:  Self Against City from Hinkley High School

Congratulations to all!

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